Former Assumption Guard Emarion Ellis is ready for Marquette

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Belief, trust, and confidence. That’s what coach Shaka Smart has instilled in former Assumption Guard Emarion Ellis. After Smart left Texas to go to Marquette. Ellis wanted to follow the coach who he believed in.

“My coach he had switched to Marquette from Texas so first off I wasn’t committed to Texas. Well I was but once I felt like we created that bond I didn’t plan on leaving that so he switched so I’m switching with him” said Emarion Ellis.

“I’ve actually been talking to Coach Shaka since before fathers day like it’s been that long of a relationship. Emarion’s been talking to him even longer than that. So, he’s a guy that calls on holidays and just to check in to see how you are doing. Checking on to see if Emarion is doing good. Checking on his grades. He does the stuff just outside of just the basketball coaching part. He’s definitely a relationship guy. He can be going to Mexico but as long as that coach is there and I know that when I drop him off that he is going to take care of my boy that’s where he is going to go” said Travis Thomas Emarion’s Father.

The University of Texas had no problems giving Emarion his release.

“It was a process like we had to sign some paperwork and fill out some things but yeah they didn’t dispute it cause the change of coach is one of the reasons why that you would untimely decomit. So, yeah it was a pretty smooth process” Thomas said.

“We had no problem with that they understand. Once you commit, once you have a relationship with somebody it’s like you can’t do nothing but respect that. I don’t want to create a relation with nobody else I already got one. I’m cool” said Ellis.

At Marquette Emarion will be teaming up with another former Mac star in DJ Carton. The two have played against each other before.

“Emarion’s first varsity game as a freshmen at Bettendorf. He played against DJ and it was new to him. I mean he had the second highest points scored in that game but I think it’s good it kinda gets the Quad Cities riled up, you know you got two guys. Two top quality games playing on the same team. It makes for good TV” said Thomas.

“That will actually be good, I mean home town kids playing two kids for the MAC. Two top killers that will be nice. Especially from the same area to motivate a lot of younger kids that’s coming up” said George Todd Emarion’s Cousin.

Emarion Ellis is confident he will come in year 1 and contribute.

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