Former Rock Island star and South Carolina Guard Brea Beal is ready for more equality in women’s sports

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Gender Inequality in College sports is a big problem right now. And it was on full display during the NCAA tournament. The difference between the Men’s weight room and the Women’s weight room was significant. Former Rock Island star and South Carolina guard Brea Beal wants change.

“It’s sad for us like yeah we noticed it but our entire lives is like ok we are kind of use to it now so it’s like oh whatever and that’s the sad part. Like we see that, and we are like oh, yeah of course they are going to get that. It is just ashamed that our minds are thinking that like this is normal. But I think that tournament we all came together, and we were like this isn’t right. Why should they get that, and we get this? So, I feel like that’s the big step we took together as collegian athletes as women’s collegian athletes to say ok you guys need to step it up, we deserve more” said Brea Beal.

To make a difference Beal believes both men and women’s student Athletes will have to come together.

“I think definitely making sure everything is equal. We work just as hard or even harder as the men and even the men players are like yeah that’s wrong. You guys deserve more. So, it’s really all of us coming together and taking a step forward and pushing towards equality” said Beal.

Beal is hopeful change will be made in the future from Rock Island I’m Corey Rholdon Local 4 Sports.

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