Former Rock Island star Brea Beal dreams have come true at South Carolina

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From Rock Island to the final four. Former Rocky star Brea Beal has dreamt about playing in the big dance since she was a kid and this past march those dreams became a reality.”

“I think it was so surreal cause like last year it was surreal being at a collegian game to me so just being able to finish and get to the NCAA the final four it was just crazy because as a kid I was watching teams play there, get there and amazing moments happen so it was so cool to me” said South Carolina guard Brea Beal.

Before the Pandemic hit last season South Carolina had a record of 32-1. Beal believes that this year’s team avenged the 2020 team.

“You know last year we always talked about last year how we had that clip on our shoulder. We wanted to finish we were a great team last year. We had a great chemistry. We are playing good and suddenly it just stops. Definingly that chip on our shoulder I am glad we got to make it that far” Beal said.

Before playing college basketball Beal grew up watching Chasson Randle and learned how to be Rock Island strong.

“For me it was just growing up around a lot of boys. A lot of boys from high school and middle school are like my best friends to this day. They really shaped me into who I am, strong mentally strong. Physically strong. That’s what it was like for me definitely growing up and watching Chasson Randle. He was like my idol growing up, I wanted to be like him, I wanted to make it out like him that’s kind of what it was like for me” Beal said.

For next season Brea Beal wants to focus on becoming a better basketball player to help her next dream of playing in the WNBA possible.

“For years to come I want to aim to be an all-around player. I am harping that on myself, I am harping with the coaches they all understand that I need to work, I need to get in the gym and work so many different things to be that all-around player. To be able to be able to set myself up to go to the league to get drafted so, that’s where I’m at mentally right now. I’m just pushing myself and this offseason because this is what matters most” Beal said.

Beal’s favorite moment in her career so far is beating Texas in the Elite 8 to head to the final four.

“Definitely after we won to get to our final four game it was just surreal again like I mentioned, you know having my parents there and my little brother there. Having our coaches, the excitement they had, and you know us our sophomores we haven’t been here. We didn’t get a chance last year and being able to get our freshmen to get there. That game was probably the best game so far of my two years” said Beal.

Brea Beal will get to come back home to the Quad Cities soon and her first stop will be at Portillo’s.

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