Forsbergs take 22nd annual ‘Family Fun’ tennis tournament

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Doug and Aaron Forsberg defeated 5-time defending champion Tyler and Todd Buenting 8-4 in the finals on Saturday, August 3.

The ‘Family Fun’ Doubles Tennis Tournament was founded by Bill Allee back in 1998 to create a fun, yet competetive, tournament centered around family bonding.

All doubles teams are required to be family pairings.

“It’s cool to see some of my old teammates and people I used to play against,” said Tyler Buenting, who played high school tennis at Moline. “That part’s really awesome. This is our sixth year with my dad playing, so it’s pretty sweet to get to come back and reminisce all this time with people. And see all the upcoming kids. I remember I helped out the Moline tennis camp and they were in 7th grade and I see them play here now, and I’m like ‘this is incredible.’ So that part’s honestly the most fun.”

“You can play with your granddaughter or grandson, or senior member of the family,” said 2019 champ Doug Forsberg. “Whatever you want to put together, so it makes it real enjoyable. And Bill runs a nice low key event. There’s no real big pressure on the event, so you just come out and do your best and give it what you got.”

Tournament organizer Bill Allee added, “It’s a blending of the generations here and I think that’s special, too. I really like it when I see people gathering out there and chatting and stuff. It really makes the tournament.”

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