Golfing in Iowa during the Coronavirus

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“It is packed today. It’s never packed on a Monday.”

Sporting options are limited because of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

“We’re just trying to find things to do,” one golfer said. “We’re kids. We want to get out and be active.”

Monday’s nice weather made Emeis Golf Course a popular spot, even if golfers had to adjust to some new standards.

“Raised cups, which means there’s a foam piece inside the cup,” Emeis golf pro Ron Thrapp said. “So they bump up against the foam and therefore you don’t have to touch the pin or stick your hand in the cup.”

Thrapp says raking sand traps is also a no-no. Carts and keys — they need to be sanitized more than ever.

“Even surprising to me how many extra things we’ve had to think about,” Thrapp said.

The club is also encouraging social distancing by allowing players to ride solo in a cart.

“We’re trying to keep up with the status quo as long as we can,” Thrapp said. “The Iowa Golf Association has made the argument that if we keep our social distancing, abide by the rules, that we should be able to treat it like a park.”

Whether the State of Iowa agrees with that assessment remains to be seen. The patrons at Emeis on Monday hope there’s more days on the links in the near future.

“There’s not much else to do right now,” an Emeis golfer said. “This is something that you can do and be healthy and stay away from people and we’re just dealing with whatever we have to deal with to keep going.”

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