QC Nighthawks Football to kick-off on August 1, 2020

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The QC Nighthawks Semi-pro Football team will begin their 2020 season on August 1.

Jason Teague/Nighthawks Owner)
So the Nighthawks are an 11 man minor league football team based out of the Quad Cities we usually play in Illinois but due to Covid we are now playing in Iowa so basically what it is is giving guys an opportunity who are just out of high school out of college who still want to play football the opportunity. We have a couple of guys who were pro at the arena level that came back down to us. So I was a player for 11 years before I took over I got to the end of my playing career my body told me when it was done and I jumped into the admin side of the team and from there I just took over one of the teams.
(Mike Colon) That has still got to be pretty rewarding?
(Teague) It is it is just to see the guys come out here and still play you know they play hard for me they come out here in the heat so I appreciate everything that they do for me.
Laughs … just the hitting just the hitting … you get a lot of aggression out with football and the comrodority when you go to away games with the guys it is just I mean it is a brotherhood.

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