QC Steamwheelers playing the Packers game

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The high flying, fast paced action of arena football will be back in the Quad Cities. The Steamwheelers look to kickoff their 2021 season after getting the 2020 season cut short.

“We had a heck of a squad, and I think we were a championship contender, and losing that opportunity and not be able to show this community how good that team was going to be was very disappointing,” said Steamwheelers owner Doug Bland.

On top of the disappointment of players not getting to hit the field, losing a whole season due to COVID-19 really hurt the Steamwheelers financially.

“Going a whole year with no revenue obviously is a challenge for us. We looked at a couple of different routes,” said Bland. “We thought we were going to get something put together with the city of Moline, to help with small businesses like ours. That never did come to fruition, we were working with the mayors office.”

That’s when team owner Doug Bland teamed up with an old business partner, Sam Smith, to come up with a way to make sure the Steamwheelers are here to stay in the Quad Cities, by giving you, the fans, a chance to own a part of the team.

“We recognize the opportunity and the interest that the community has in their local sports teams and clubs,” said Steamwheelers partner Sam Smith. “Through this medium it allows them to actually be issued and have ownership in the team.”

This is a model much like what the Green Bay Packers have with their fans and something the Steamwheelers hope will get fans more invested in the product out on the field.

“I hate to compare it to gambling, but at the same time when you got cards on the table, so it means a little bit more,” continued Smith. “So when you’re really invested in part of the ownership of a team, there’s no question who you’re favorite team is.”

If you’re looking to buy some stock and become an owner of the Steamwheelers, visit their website and click on the pop-up.

It’s that easy to become an owner of the Steamwheelers.

“There is six different tiers,” said Bland. “It can be as little as $125 dollars to get involved, and I just think it’s a great thing for people to be apart of it and insure we’re going to be around for a long time.”

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