Quad Cities native Nicholas Patrick is climbing up the tennis ranks

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He may only be 14 years old, but Nicholas Patrick is a pretty good tennis player and this past weekend he played in a national tournament in North Carolina, and he finished in 1st place out of 128 competitors. Nicholas won 7 matches in 5 days not losing any sets.

“Well to me winning was really not the goal going in. It was just to better myself to see how I can do. But I ended up pulling out the victory and it felt really great and it felt like everything worked out for itself and all my hard work pay off,” said Nicholas Patrick.

Nicholas father Dan Patrick, has trained him his whole life and Dan is just proud of how much his son has overcome.

“Just very proud of him and having him stick with it. I mean a lot of kids will give up if they at the first sign of frustration or failure. He’s had a lot of frustration and he’s had some failures and I think he actually learned from his failures. I think that’s what’s been impressive about Nicholas is that he has been able to come out of that period of time,” said Dan Patrick, Nicholas Father.

In the past year Nicholas has really amped up his training. Even going to different states to help with his development.

“We got to train a little bit together, probably a little bit more than we would have if Covid not hit and then he trained down in Naples, Florida in the summer of 2020 and he took off after his two months of training down in Florida with a very highly ranked friend of his that he got to stay with when he was down there. He will do the same this summer,” said Dan.

“Well, I do I feel like the last few years a lot has changed with Covid hitting even since then a lot has changed. I got to train for a while and work on my game and better myself and I feel like I’ve grown quite a bit since then,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas knows his strengths and uses them well.

“He is conditioned, one of the best conditioned players out there. A lot of players he played this weekend were highly ranked players didn’t fare as well, and Nicholas were able to utilize his strengths of lasting longer than his opponents. His backhand is tremendous. It always has been, the thing that has really made Nicholas go in the last month or two is his physicality. 7 or 8 months of growth in probably a span of 7 months and that makes a big difference when you are at the highest levels in the nation,” said Dan.

Nicholas is motivated to continue to get better and to prove to himself that he’s one of the best.

“To me it’s more internal, I feel like I kind of push myself a little bit. There is obviously kind of external forces, but I feel like when I win it’s for me. It’s all my hard work paying off and it’s really something special,” said Nicholas.

Nicholas will attend Alleman high school in the fall.

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