The Assumption Knights varsity baseball team just wrapped up another dominating season, and while the seniors are moving on, the farm might have a few prospects to man the ship down the road.

The 8-and-under Assumption Knights team just completed a perfect season — 52-0.

They won the state title game and the national championship for their age group. And they’ve got the hardware to prove it. A few members of the team shared with us the pride they have for the game and for representing Assumption baseball.

“You know, with my experienced coaches — I mean, we have guys that played professional baseball on our staff. We have guys that played collegiate baseball, including myself, and with that experience these kids listened they showed up early and they worked hard and they had fun,” Assumption 8U baseball coach Mike Kane said. “That was the most most impressive thing is every weekend they had fun, so I give a lot of credit to them because they had to come and put in the time and the effort.”

One of Kane’s players, Levi Bitterman, liked “that we all always cheer on each other when we’re batting. We give each other enough courage to hit the ball and get on base.”

Another player, Kane Fury, says the attitude is always positive.

“I just love my teammates, they’re so nice,” Fury said. “I’m a good cleanup hitter. I just love being on the Knights and we always represent the A for the Knights.”