Your Quad Cities River Bandits became the Davenport Blue Sox once again. That was their name for three separate eras in the early 1900s.

This time, the Blue Sox didn’t play in Davenport, they played in Dyersville, Iowa, donning a throwback blue in the first ever Minor League Baseball Field of Dreams game at the now iconic major league park next to the historic “Field of Dreams” movie site.

Before they played the Cedar Rapids Bunnies, they talked about the opportunity to play in such a unique game.

Infielder Peyton Wilson expressed his gratitude.

“Once in a lifetime opportunity,” WIlson said. “It’s so amazing go out there and you see all the hard work that everybody has put in to make this such a special day for us as players and for everybody else. It’s just we’re all really thankful for how amazing it’s been so far and just really excited for the rest of the day.”

Fellow infielder Tyler Tolbert isn’t fazed by the big stage.

“I wouldn’t say it’s nerves,” Tolbert said. “I think it’s like you just excited you just really excited with the opportunity,” Tolbert said. “And everything there’s a lot of people out there watching and you know it’s a nationally televised game so I feel like — just a lot of us are just excited.”

Bandits pitcher Emilio Marquez agreed.

“Everybody’s excited and so any big leaguer would be excited and then I say I want to be there playing with my teammates ann the dreams come true.”

Manager Brooks Conrad is just happy that after a year of hype, the stage was set for his team to finally take the field.

“I’m going to enjoy it, Conrad said. “In the players minds and in their faces today, everybody standing up on the bus looking outside getting their phones out taking pictures, just the joy and excitement to be here is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Mostly for those players are going to be on the field playing the game tonight so really excited to watch them go out there and and have a good time with it tonight.”

The Blue Sox made the most of their time on the big stage and handily defeated the Bunnies 7-2.