Moline looking to build on 2018 success


The Maroons come into the 2019 season as two-time defending Western Big Six Champions.

And after recording a 9-2 record last season resulting in their first playoff win over a decade the Maroons are confident their senior class can help lead them to another successful run.

“This group of seniors has been unbelievably successful, both on and off the field, in everything they do,” said head coach Mike Morrissey who enters his third season with Moline. “So to see them come into their last season and have high expectations for themselves and high expectations for our football program, that’s exciting. It means they care about it enough to really invest in it and want it to be the very best that it can be.”

“It doesn’t matter if we have a target on our back,” said senior John Melton. “We’re gonna do the same thing we did each year, keep the same momentum going, just the total effort attitude, in everything you do. It sums up what we believe in quite a lot, just at home, at football, at school.”

“We’re all together as a team.” added senior Cobie Underwood. “In order to work functionally as a team, you all gotta work just like a factory. Every gear has to be able to move, to work, functionally, 100 percent. The identity I want is really just us being a team, coming together and being successful as a team, progressing as a team.”

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