What do Ryan Gosling, Kliff Kingsbury, Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers all have in common? All four are attractive men in their profession and all four are said to look like moline football coach Mike Morrissey. “

“You know I got a call from a buddy in Green Bay that thought I was next to him in a car and it was Aaron Rodgers but that was years and years ago. I was pretty young at that time so there was definitely more of a comparison then our guys at Desert Mountain definitely bought the Alex Smith deal. Hook, line and sinker on that one then when I got here it was more Lliff Kingsbury just because I’m getting older and that’s how it goes,” Morrissey said. “

“He’s pushing almost 50 and looks like a 35 year old so he has that going for him but other than that, the grooming standards are high,” assistant coach Tyler Olsen said.

What keeps Morrissey in the conversation for the best looking coach in the Q.C.? His self care.

“We always talk about how he shaves his legs and they’re always silky smooth. We all know he does his calf raises in front of the mirror everyday. We like to give him a hard time about that. It never hurts to have a good looking person as the face of your program.

It’s more fun when these guys can poke fun at me for it. Keeps things light and if it does that, keeps them relaxed and joking around then I’m all for it.”

What does the gunslinger himself care about claiming the title? “I try not to think about that stuff too much but it’s flattering and very nice. At one point they said the same thing about my dad so maybe it’s a genetics thing, I don’t know. I’ll take it I guess.”