QB competition underway at St. Ambrose


The Fighting Bees will be looking for Jake Romani’s replacement at quarterback for the 2019 season.

Sophomore John Benckendorf and junior Dino Borrelli will compete for the starting job throughout camp. But head coach Mike Magistrelli says he could see both contributing this year.

“The nice thing is as coaches and players, we feel confident in both guys, that we can win with either one,” said Magistrelli. “That’s a great luxury to have. It’s something that’s been neck-and-neck through spring ball here into fall camp, those type of things. We’ll see if we settle on one or if we play two early in the season. We’ll just kind of see how it goes, but they’re both very, very deserving to play.”

“Me and Dino are neck-and-neck, you know, it’s bringing out the best of both of us in these first couple of days of camp,” said the 6’2″ 210lb Benckendorf. “I think that’s the best part about it. We’re so close, athletes and football players, we’re both gonna be coming out here and giving 110 percent trying to be the best football player we can be. You’re not gonna be given anything. I knew I was going to have to come out here, being the younger kid coming out here, I’m gonna have to go and get it.”

“I mean I got like one game and a couple of plays here and there,” added the 6’0″ 195 lb Borrelli referring to his playing time in 2018. “It helps with the pace of the game and how much faster it is than what we’re used to. You just gotta work your hardest every single play and every single practice, whether it’s on the field or in film, you gotta make sure you’re watching film. But I love John, we’re really good friends, so we’re just making each other better.”

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