The River Bandits are going green by adding a small solar farm on the rooftop of Modern Woodmen Park.

They teamed up with Iowa based Century Electric and Solar to become the first minor league team to use the alternative energy source.

River Bandits owner Dave Heller said he wants his club to be pioneers in climate change and be a positive impact on the environment.
“This is a breakthrough in Minor League Baseball,” Heller said. “There is no other minor league team in the country that uses solar panels to power L-E-D field lights and saves on electricity and reduces their carbon footprint, and saves trees, and make the environment cleaner for our children and grandchildren.”

The 58 panels sits on the rooftop and were installed without any taxpayer money. There are concerns about how foul balls could impact the solar panels.

“Yes, yes in fact, we have very real concerns about foul balls,” Heller said. “We had panels installed at the end of last week and we had a homestand this weekend and we already broke one. We are talking with netting companies right now to talk about putting a net over the panels. “

The River Bandits say that the rewards of green energy outweighs any possible damage to the solar farm.