Park Zebley, a video production crew member who worked the Raiders-Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium on Oct. 10, 2022, has filed a lawsuit against the Raiders, Chiefs and Las Vegas wide receiver Davante Adams, among others, The Kansas City Star reports.

After the game, Adams was seen shoving a man holding video equipment in frustration as he walked off the field in Kansas City. The man, who was transported to a hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries, subsequently filed a police report.

Zebley claims in the suit that he suffered concussion symptoms and “feared for his life,” according to The Star. He also claims to have been harassed on social media after the incident.

Zebley is a University of Missouri-Kansas City student who was working the game for a local company that was working with ESPN on its Monday Night Football broadcast.

The lawsuit names five defendants, with the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority and Landmark Events Staffing joining Adams, the Chiefs and the Raiders, and it accuses all five of being responsible in some way for what happened. Zebley accuses Adams of battery, the Raiders of liability and the Chiefs of negligence in the lawsuit.

Adams, who was reacting to the Raiders’ 30-29 loss when he shoved Zebley, apologized on Twitter immediately after the game ended.

“Sorry to the guy I pushed over after the game,” Adams wrote. Obviously very frustrated at the way the game ended and when he ran infront of me as I exited that was my reaction and I felt horrible immediately. Thats not me..MY APOLOGIES man hope you see this.”

Adams already was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault in a Kansas City municipal court last October for the incident.