Jayson Tatum appeared to take Damian Lillard’s reported disinterest in the Celtics to heart following recent chatter distancing the Blazers star from a possible move to Boston.

The ongoing conversation surrounding Lillard’s possible availability reignited on Wednesday after the seven-time All-Star named the Heat and Nets as two teams he’d be interested in hypothetically joining. The buzz swelled again on Thursday after TNT’s Chris Haynes reported it was “pretty safe to say” Lillard won’t land in Beantown after laughing at a question about the possibility.

As the newest Lillard speculation continued to swirl, the veteran guard received an unexpected visit from Tatum in his comment section on Instagram Live following Haynes’s report. Needless to say, the Celtics star made it clear that he’s been listening to the rumors as he joked with Lillard about not liking Boston in a comment under his stream.

“Damn we get it you don’t like Boston,” Tatum wrote along with two laughing face emojis.

Tatum’s message quickly caught Lillard’s attention as fans reacted during the stream, prompting him to fire back with a hilarious response aimed at his fellow All-Star.

“Now y’all got my boy JT on here offended,” Lillard said.

With Lillard’s name once again in the rumor mill, it remains to be seen if the 32-year-old’s time in Portland finally comes to an end in the coming months following 11 loyal seasons.

And, while the door appears to be slightly ajar for such a scenario to occur, it seems pretty evident that there is already, at the very least, one team with absolutely no shot at pulling off the blockbuster move.