OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Some members of Chiefs Kingdom have their very own Arrowhead Stadium in their backyard.

A clip of kids playing football on the field is everywhere now after being shared by the NFL, CBS Sports and more.

Nate Bukaty of Sports Radio 810 and Sporting KC play-by-play built the field in his backyard at his Overland Park home.

“It was really a bit of a pandemic project,” Bukaty said. “I was just to find a way when we were all locked in to make the house a bit more of a fun place to be.”

The field is about 50 feet long, making it about a one-sixth replica of Arrowhead.

“It’s not perfect, I do it by hand,” Bukaty said. “There are no stencils or anything, but I try to make it look as close to the field as I can, and that’s something I have fun with.”

The now-viral clip of Bukaty throwing a touchdown to his son on the field got the attention of the NFL, CBS Sports, and ESPN personalities.

Bukaty says some of the kids have been playing here for years. He says it brings him joy to see them there, active, not at home playing video games.

“I am really happy any time I get a text message from one of the kids in the neighborhood asking if they can come over and play in the backyard,” Bukaty said. “That’s exactly where they’re supposed to be right now.”

Bukaty plans to add gold paint to the end zone just like the Chiefs will have in Super Bowl 57 on Sunday.