‘In Brady we do trust’: Warren Sapp excited to see former team play in Super Bowl LV at home

The Big Game

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – With Super Bowl LV just four days away, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp can’t express his excitement enough for his former team as they head into the biggest game of the season.

“For the first time ever in the history of a 101-year-old league, our Buccaneers are locked and loaded in Raymond James Stadium. Couldn’t get any better, ” Sapp said. “We’ve got the goat in the back door and boy, in Brady we do trust.”

When asked by Big Game Bound’s Jack Doles and Chris Hagan about which quarterback he’d rather have in for the game, Sapp stayed tried and true to his Buccaneers.

“I’m a Buc baby, so I’ve got to go with my guy. But if I was a defensive lineman that wanted to go hunt quarterbacks every week, I’d whoop that young fella out of Kansas City. I mean he’s only worth half a billion dollars,” he laughed.

While many NFL fans love to hate Tom Brady following all of his success and seemingly never-ending career, Sapp said there was no question when it came down to accepting in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform.

“I told everybody Tom needs to carry us to deep into the playoffs because that’s what Tom Brady is known for. I mean everybody in Tampa was coming out ‘Super Bowl or bust,'” he said. “Everything clicked at the right time and he got the boys on the same page, and off we went.”


While the matchup between Brady and Mahomes is one for the record books, Sapp said Brady’s proven success is no secret.

“The ability of Tom to dissect what you’re trying to do him, find the open guys and get his guys on the same page to see the same thing that he sees and then execute. I mean, but, he’s still 43… he’s showing that he’s still 43 years old but if you give him a chance to kill you, you’re dead.”

Despite having a Super Bowl unlike any other thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Sapp said he is confident the Buccaneers will take home the win.

“We would get the one Super Bowl that has a damn global pandemic attached to it and we have the GOAT… just two-thirds of the stadium are going to be empty. That’s just wrong!” Sapp said. “That’s just wrong in every sense of the word, but we’re gonna enjoy this win. You know we got the team and the quarterback to go get it done and I know our coordinators and our head coach are all on the same page and I’m just waiting to see it.”

Sapp, along side college football broadcaster and former NFL linebacker Brian Jones, has launched a new podcast called BetUS Unfiltered, which is “the next generation of sports and entertainment talk cutting through everyday podcast clutter with an insiders’ perspective.”

To listen to their latest podcast, visit the BetUS website.

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