Kansas assistant principal heading to the Super Bowl sidelines as a photographer

The Big Game

OLATHE, Kan. (WDAF) – An Olathe school administrator, who doubles as a photographer, will soon be in Miami for the Super Bowl.

Josh Umphrey will tell you his passion has always been with kids. As assistant principal at Olathe West High School, he’s living the dream.

“It’s a really fulfilling job,” Umphrey said. “It kind of puts in perspective, like, what’s important in life.”

But his “side-gig” is what’s taking him on a trip of a lifetime. Umphrey gets to see Super Bowl LIV through a camera lens on the field.

He’s captured numerous sporting events around the country and rarely misses a Chiefs home game.

“I’m really excited,” Umphrey said. “I think it’s one of those things that doesn’t happen very often, and I’m humbled by it. And hopefully I can do a good job and represent so many different people.”

Umphrey is bringing the “Home of the Owls” to Miami. You might even see some Olathe West gear on the sidelines.

“Depending on the weather I’ll definitely be wearing some Olathe West, would be my guess,” Umphrey said.

Capturing iconic photos runs in the family. He represents his dad’s company, Tim Umphrey Sports Photography.

“Just happy to have had him kind mentor me and kind of tutor me,” Umphrey said.

He also loves sharing this part of his life with his kids.

“They have a little game where they always look for me on TV,” Umphrey said.

The humble Umphrey wouldn’t be the one to tell you, but his work has scored spots in Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine.

With the Super Bowl in sight, he’s created quite a buzz at school.

“They come up to me and ask a lot of questions and say, ‘Is it true? Is it true?’ And I’ve had the opportunity to share that with them as well,” Umphrey said.

Umphrey’s focus is on the bigger picture: taking these opportunities and finding ways to benefit other people around him.

“I hope that ultimately, it represents the people that we try to impact on a regular basis,” Umphrey said. “I’m thankful to all the people who have given me these opportunities to be where I am and hopefully I’ve made them proud.”

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