Local 4 crashes a Super Bowl party

The Big Game

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t Super Bowl Sunday without a lot of food. Tonight a local party got a surprise from one of our own. 

Hawkeye Headquarters reporter Adam Rossow crashed a party in Bettendorf as part of the #ShareYourSpread campaign on social media to enhance the Super Bowl experience for some lucky football fans.

“Everytime the Super Bowl comes around, it’s a good time,” said Kevin Hodge, #ShareYourSpread winner. “It’s a great get-together. We have a lot of people that come out every time we have a party. So it’s always great.”

“The Super Bowl is something I think everyone can come around together whether they like football or commercials or the halftime show,” said Jake O’Rourke, party host. “Hopefully some day it will be a national holiday and we’ll get back to work on Tuesday.”

The two appetizers we delivered came courtesy of Baked Bread and Beer Co. in the Village of East Davenport.

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