“With two gone and this is the last one, I felt like giving it a shot and the position was open so I threw my name in the ring.”

With Assumption volleyball looking for a new coach this season, Brian Schubert saw the opportunity to coach his daughter, Ellie Schubert.

“At first I was nervous — not just how the season was going to go but just how everyone would react,” Ellie said. “Obviously he’s my dad, so I didn’t want everyone to be like, ‘Oh, he’s coaching.’ Like putting him down in a way, so I was a little nervous, but as soon as everyone got the feel for it, I felt better.”

This was not a new situation for the two. Ellie was coached by her dad in travel volleyball and once this chance opened up, both came to an understanding.

“I’ve always been the one to establish that right away,” Brian said. “When we’re at practice, I’m coach. When we’re not at practice, games or tournaments, then I’m Dad. It’s been set in stone right off the bat and they’ve all done a great job of adhering to it and I’ve done a great job staying on my end as well.”

“When we’re in the gym, we’re working on volleyball — he’s not my dad,” Ellie said. “He wants to be a coach for everyone and it wouldn’t be fair if he was my dad when we’re playing volleyball and when we’re off the court.”

Having that youngest child treatment, Ellie already has that tight bond with her dad. However, them working together on the court has created an even stronger relationship.

“Being around him and you’re playing the sport for fun, we share that love of the game together. So it builds your love of the game and your relationship,” Ellie said.

“We get to work together and play together at the same time so it’s definitely created a very strong relationship between the two of us,” Brian said.

Building off that strong relationship has made Ellie one of the top setters in the MAC with over 500 assists.

“Her leadership on the court shows,” Brian said. “She’s running the floor. She’s captaining the ship out there when we play. She’s doing an excellent job and continuing to learn. Learning how to interact with the officials, her teammates, has been a special thing to see.”