Wilton native Evan Reifert went from undrafted free agent to finding success in the minor leagues.

“It says a lot. Some teams are going to find a diamond in the rough. I’d like to be considered one of those,” Reifert said. “I like that aspect of it. I’ve put in a lot of time and hard work to be where I’m at today so I think that’s just showing.”

In the Tampa Bay Rays organization, Reifert has made a name for himself in the bullpen racking up over 100 strikeouts and holding opponents to under a .200 batting average. It’s all about feeding off the high intensity.

“I really love it. That feeling. That nervousness,” Reifert said. “Just going out there and showing everyone what I can do. I love that feeling and it’s a weird sensation. Coming in those high leverage situations. It’s not comfortable but being comfortable while being uncomfortable is what you have to do for the role.

Reifert landed with the Bowling Green Hot Rods mid-season and ended up winning a south Atlantic championship at the high a level.”

“It’s a great feeling obviously and we put in a lot of hard work this season. We’ve had a phenomenal year,” Reifert said. “I just got my feet settled from with under me after the first couple outings. Just blended in well with the team. The age group we had. Were all pretty much 22,23. Right around there so really just meshed well with everyone here and we all had like minds.”

The ultimate goal for any minor leaguer is making it to the show, but for now Reifert wants to take advantage of another opportunity, pitching in the Arizona fall league.

“Continuing to pitch the way I can pitch,” Reifert said, “Just going from there and then I think the next step is having a good spring training next year. Hoping to break in to double and then see where it takes us.”