A packed house at North Scott to see 12 of their athletes sign on to the next level.

Four of them are going division one. Bailey Boddicker to Western Illinois for cross country, Maddie McDermott to Northern Iowa for softball, Nate Scheckloth to North Dakota State for football and AJ Peterson to Iowa State for football.

Being a Cyclone is a family tradition for Peterson, his two older brothers went there and now he’s happy to carry it on.

“It means a lot to me. Going into this I knew what I could do. My brothers knew what I could do,” Peterson said. It’s awesome to say that the three of us all got something to go to iowa state and have that remembrance. The atmosphere is great, the coaches are great. The team is good. Always good. Have their ups and downs like this season but every school has that. Being up there so much, it’s starting to feel like a second home already.

That’s part of why why I choose the school is they block a lot down here so I felt like I fit in there,” Scheckloth said. “We just sat down and my dad was there. Talked football for two hours. Watched film. I liked how they coached they’re guys.”

“Right as I stepped on campus, I knew this was the one,” McDermott said. “The family atmosphere was really important to me. All the girls were super welcoming. All the coaches were awesome.”