The Very Rev. Kenneth E. Kuntz has been elected to the office of diocesan administrator for the Diocese of Davenport by the Diocesan College of Consultors, a news release says.

The election follows the installation of Archbishop Thomas Zinkula for the Archdiocese of Dubuque, creating the vacancy of bishop for the Diocese of Davenport. Kuntz will oversee the administration of the diocese until the appointment of the next Bishop by Pope Francis which could take six to eight months or longer to occur. The functions of the administrator end when a new bishop is installed, the release says.

The Very Rev. Kenneth E. Kuntz (contributed photo)

During this interim period, the diocesan administrator maintains the current programs and initiatives of the diocese. No new policies, procedures, projects or initiatives can begin. New building projects and mergers of parishes cannot be approved. The sanctifying functions that are reserved to a bishop cannot take place including the ordinations of deacons and priests. New pastors cannot be appointed.

Father Kuntz brings extensive experience to the position having served on the College of Consultors, Presbyteral (Priest) Council, Diocesan Review Board, Priest Personnel Board, and the Priest Vocation Board. Father Kuntz served as episcopal vicar for Iowa City and as dean of the Clinton Deanery. He was recently appointed to director of the recently ordained priests.

After his ordination in 1977, Kuntz served as associate pastor for St. Joseph, DeWitt, St. Anne, Welton, and St. John Vianney, Bettendorf. He has served as pastor for St. Peter, Buffalo, St. Andrew, Blue Grass, St. Mary, Iowa City, and Jesus Christ Prince of Peace, Clinton.

For details about the process of appointing bishops, visit here.