Andalusia family keeps lighting up their house–even in the darkness


Linda Viager has lights up her house for her favorite holiday every year.

But this year, while putting up this display herself, a lot has been on her mind.

“We lost our house to the flood, May 2nd of this year,” Viager said. “Wasn’t sure we were gonna be able to rebuild. It’s been a big financial strain.”

Linda’s husband Randy contracted a virus four years ago, and has had multiple open heart surgeries ever since.

This year was especially hard however, as he’s spent nine months in the hospital.

Randy and Linda decided that despite all this, the best way to celebrate Christmas was to keep their tradition going.

“This was gonna be our gift this year,” Linda said. “If we’re gonna have a Christmas we’re gonna have a Christmas and this is it. Not only for us, but for everybody to enjoy.”

“It means a lot to me,” Randy Viager said. “It gives her enjoyment, I watch our kids and the grandkids and the great grandkids, and the wonderment in their eyes. Especially when you’re dealing with one that’s a year old and that’s the first time they’ve seen anything like that. Or you’re dealing with kids that don’t actually get to see lights. And the first time they see lights, they’re awestruck. And I think it’s neat.”

Randy says this year’s display is the most special to him.

“Real proud, especially this year,” Randy said. “With balancing me, and the things that had to go on…and dealing with the house. She did a fantastic job, I’m damn proud of her. I can’t ask for her to do any better. You know, she’s done a fantastic job.”

Linda says she’ll keep lighting up her house as long as she can, and hopes the next generation will continue her tradition.

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