Firefighters enjoy Thanksgiving on the clock


Fire fighters at the Davenport fire department enjoyed their Thanksgiving – while on the clock.

“It’s a little different because we all cook a holiday meal together,” James Laban, Davenport Fire Department engineer said. “It’s kind of like being with your second family.”

Each person brought a dish and were helping prepare the meal.

They’re still on call all day in case anything happens.

“It could be busy it could not be it just depends,” Laban said. It’s like most any other day at the fire station only we don’t have any training, scheduled activities, that’s the only real difference really.”

For people cooking during the holidays, Laban has some tips and tricks.

“Obviously plan ahead,” Laban said. “You know if you’re frying anything make sure it’s thawed out, it’s not wet, it’s dry, make sure you know what you’re doing.”

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