Local youth soccer team takes USA Cup title


The East Moline Silvis Soccer Club U13 team won the USA Cup title at the nation’s largest youth soccer tournament in Blaine, Minnesota.

The ‘Renegades’ competed with 16,000 other soccer players making up over 1,100 teams being representing over 20 different countries.

“We’re a very young team, so to see them go up there and compete with true 2006 teams with boys that are 6-foot tall and battling with the kids was awesome to see,” said head coach Alex Sandoval. “Just the fight they had. They competed at all times, and they’re battling the heat on top of it. [It] was just a great experience and something that was awesome to see.”

Many of the kids have been playing together under Sandoval’s instruction for 5 years. They credit that familiarity to their success on the field.

“We all trust each other,” said team captain 13-year old Deontae Nache. “We know everybody’s skills and we learned how to work with everybody to pick those skills up and rise over the competition.”

“…we’ve been playing for a long time with each other. We know how we play,” added 13-year old Jayden Kerr.

The Renegades practice 2-3 times a week and compete in up to ten tournaments each year.

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