More construction headed to Davenport in the name of flood protection

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City council members approve median removal along part of River Drive

More construction is coming to Davenport.

City council members approved a resolution tonight to remove two medians on River Drive between Perry and Iowa streets.

Public works director Nicole Gleason tells us once the project starts, it could last about a month and the road may be down to one lane in each direction.

Gleason says they want to get rid of the medians to improve flood protection.

The medians were originally intended to slow down traffic but about a decade after they were put in, city officials say they’re now slowing down flood response.

“The medians on River Drive do create a difficulty in assembling the flood wall because of the way the equipment needs to maneuver around those medians and between the buildings,” Gleason says.

She says removing the two medians will help crews move more quickly without damaging the flood wall or equipment.

She says the move will also allow crews to position the wall higher.

“Put the flood wall on the crown of the road as opposed to the slant of the road because the crown is where the medians are now,” Gleason says.

And finally, Gleason says, crews can do more to prevent the HESCO barriers from slipping again.

“It would also afford us the opportunity to create a more roughed up cement surface that would allow more friction for the flood wall to adhere to,” she says.

After investigating the HESCO barrier breach back in April, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers suggested Davenport use a pyramid shape.

Gleason says removing the medians is the most effective way to do that.

“We want to be able to do the best thing that we can to make sure we can get the floodwall installed quickly and with the least amount of interruption to the downtown businesses,” she says.

Construction is expected to begin in the next few weeks.

The project is expected to cost about $260,000.

Gleason says the funds will come from the city’s capital improvement budget.

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