Plans to bring new life to a part of downtown Moline takes its’ next step with the latest focus on the old JC Penney building.

Renew Moline and Bush construction will work together to renovate the old store on 5th street.
They also plan to build a multi-family housing complex in the 4th street parking lot.

The organization’s chairman Greg Derrick said, “this partnership has the potential to infuse significant energy in the area,”.

Renew Moline President and CEO, Alexandra Elias said the public-private partnership will be key to making it happen.”We hope that this is a step towards continuing the revitalization of downtown that has been going on for many years, but because the location of this property right on 5th avenue the size of the property, and the significance of the building that’s already there that people are familiar with the old JCPenny building so we really feel like it can a catalytic for the city and for the community,” she said.

It’s not clear yet what will take the place of the old JC Penney, but there is a chance for multi-family homes to be built there.

Renew Moline will establish a project timeline once it gets the ok from the city council.