Project Blue Life training was held in the Quad Cities


Rock Island County State Attorney candidate Kathleen Bailey hosted “Project Blue Life” training for people in the Quad Cities.

The training was held on Sunday afternoon at the American Legion in East Moline. It’s to educate people about police-involved shooting and walk them through what officers go through when they have to decide whether or not to shoot.

Chris S. Southwood, President of Fraternal Order of Police Illinois State Lodge said they have been having these training for about two years. Their training usually takes about 30 minutes and then people have the opportunity to “be the officer” in a series of sensitive matter situations.

“You’ll take part in a scenario just like you’re a police officer, you’re taking a call and you may have to use force or not use force whatever you have a weapon and you can actually participate in it and then we talk about what happened afterwards,” said Southwood.

The candidate for Rock Island County State’s Attorney said she felt that a training like this was important for people in the Quad Cities.

“I wanted to have it here because we’ve had officer involved shootings in this area,” said Bailey. “I thought it might be helpful for the community to have an understanding of officer involved shootings and the process.”

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