QC leaders launch new campaign to reinforce wearing face coverings and social distancing


A joint effort among the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, and QC COVID-19 Coalition organizations is focused on public safety.

The groups want people in the Quad Cities to wear masks and practice social distancing.

They say that’s the way to keep local business open and the economy thriving.

Thursday the Rock Island County Health Department reports 49 new cases, which they say is one of the highest daily counts that have been reported.”

They say several of the new cases are associated with an outbreak at St. Anthony’s Care, long term care facility where there are many vulnerable residents.

They say with a spike in cases on both sides of the river the data is concerning.

Members say they want to avoid a reversion in COVID-19 policies, and overwhelming healthcare facilitates. and hospitals.

They say protecting yourself means protecting your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else you may come in contact with.

“The messaging of practicing social distancing, masking up, good hygiene these things have been out there for months. We also felt this was the right time since we were seeing some numbers going in a direction we weren’t comfortable with. We need to continue to press on the gas,” says Dave Herrell, President of Visit Quad Cities.

Members of the coalition also talked about how child care is a top priority that businesses are trying to address right now.

They say we’re in a time of uncertainty, and employers are waiting for the final verdict on return to learn plans that comes from the state and school districts to put a more concrete plan together.

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