Skate Church on the verge of closing


“They call this their home, they call this their family,” said Pennie Kellenberger, Executive Director of the Center.

That’s what the Skate Church has been and still is to a lot youth in the Quad Cities.

“People who like to skate or do action sports sometimes don’t fit into the regular kind of sporting stuff,” said Kellenberger.

But they recently found out they don’t have insurance for 2020 and that’s causing them to close down for the time being.

“Dude, I’m, super bummed for the people who come here everyday,” said Justice Kellenberger, a former Skate Church goer. “I’m pretty close to people who come here and since I’ve been in town, I’ve been hanging out with them and just to here their thoughts and emotions of what it feels like to not have this place, They’re really bummed dude.”

Kellenberger practically grew up at the Skate Church.

And it’s an experience he cherishes.

“Its like a phenomonon. Its like no where else,” said Kellenberger. “You can just come here. You dont have to be the best skate border or the best relational person, Have all the friends or have all the good skills like in school or something. You can just come here. Its like a place for outcasts. A place for people to come that have no where else to belong.”

And thats exactly what its become.

“Whether they put their faith in Jesus or not, I think they see the community and that’s something that they long for,” said Connor LaBorde, the skate pastor. “And I think they see the acceptance and the love of Christ hopefully. They just see it as a safe place.”

It may not be opening in January, which is sad for them.

But it certainly won’t stop their work.

“But me as Connor, I’ll be traveling, I’ll be skating other places,” said LaBorde. “I’ll be taking people and just continue being in that community and skating whenever I can.”

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