Biden’s COVID plans supported by US Chamber of Commerce

Washington DC

'40% of excess unemployment is in the travel industry'

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — President-elect Joe Biden, who campaigned that stopping the spread of the coronavirus is the most important thing facing the country now, said his national strategy for things like a rapid COVID testing program will save lives — and the economy.

Putting it into place, he said. will allow the US to “reopen our businesses safely and sustainably, resume our lives and put this pandemic behind us.”

Tori Emerson Barnes with the US Travel Association said they’ve been calling for a federal testing strategy for months.

“Forty percent of excess unemployment is in the travel industry,” Barnes said. “It can really help to give folks confidence to travel again in a more robust way. So we absolutely will support these kind of practices being implemented across the country.”

The US Chamber of Commerce also wants to see the federal government issue a standard set of COVID-19 guidelines to be used around the country.

Neil Bradley with the US Chamber of Commerce said the national strategy needs to be science and data driven “so that on a local level, officials know what steps to take that can best minimize the spread of COVID and also minimize economic shutdowns.”

He believes the key to getting the economy back to “where we were before we ever heard of COVID is beating this virus and getting control of the spread.”

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