A dynamic system brings rain, snow, and ice to the Quad Cities


This forecast is current as of 9:30 Thursday morning.

All week we’ve been tracking this system and as of this morning it is officially here. We have seen an outer band bring the first round of light rain. The biggest concern for the majority of the QCA is rain changing to a rain/snow/ice mix with snow falling on top of all of that later today. This will cause slick roads for most of the QCA Today.

Timing for this system today has begun with light rain and some ice this morning. Some of it started as early as 8 AM this morning. Around noon we will begin to see the rain mix with snow, with a full transition to snow around 3 PM. After then, we will continue to see snow for the remainder of the evening and well into the day tomorrow. The snow looks to be wrapping up early Saturday morning.

This forecast gets increasingly difficult as a lot of the models are still very greatly from each other, offering little agreement. As for snow totals, more models are begging to show totals near 2 inches here in the Quad Cities. For the most part the heavier amounts will be in Central Iowa, with lesser amounts to the South East.

As for now the worst part of this slow moving system will remain in Western and Central Iowa, we will still be seeing a limited impact according to the National Weather Service’s Winter Storm Impact Index. The main take away with this today is roads will likely become slick with snow falling on top of a wet, slushy, if not frozen road surfaces. Make sure to drive with caution today, take it slow, and leave extra distance for stopping.

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