After the November blizzard things have been quiet in the Quad Cities as far as snow goes.  Our “winter break” comes to an end more than likely this weekend.

A strong storm will pass South of the Quad Cities later this week.  While we’ll miss the heaviest of the snow totals, it will be close enough to drop a couple inches of snow in the Quad Cities.  This begins late Friday evening and should wrap up by late Saturday morning.

It’s a bit early to say exactly how much we’ll get, but right now 1-3″ looks to be the most likely scenario in the Quad Cities.

Places like Galesburg, Burlington and Monmouth could pick up 3-5″ of snow as the storm moves across the country.  And St Louis and central Illinois could have 5-7″ of snow.  If you have travel plans late Friday night into Saturday and are heading South of the Quad Cities you might start thinking about adjusting your schedule!  

This map shows the probability of picking up at least 4″ of snow (and possibly more.)

The forecast model range for the Quad Cities ranges from close to no snow, all the way up to about 6 inches.  Here’s a look at totals from one of our more reliable computer models.  Notice heavier totals in Galesburg and lighter numbers to the North.

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