This forecast is current as of Sunday evening, March 14th.

This is an update to this morning’s forecast with a closer look at the timing of tomorrow’s system.

The Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect starting at 4 am to 4 pm Monday.

Impact Timing
– Overnight light rain will begin to fall south of Interstate 80.
– By early morning (5am) the QC Metro will begin to see light rain with mixed precipitation.
– This will have the heaviest impact as mixed precipitation will make for the morning commute difficult at times.
– By the afternoon timeframe most of the precipitation will change over to snow, reduced visibility due to blowing snow will be the biggest concern.
– By 6 pm most of the QCA will be done with the snow but roads will likely be slick with breezy conditions.

Overall Timing

Snow Totals

Areas along and south of Interstate 80 will have the greatest discrepancy in snow totals due to the duration of mixed precipitation in the morning and lots of dry air in place. The dry air will play a big role in tomorrow’s temperatures, which will then lead to differences in snow depth.

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