Damage survey finds one tornado occurred from last night’s storms


During last night’s line of storms, the QCA was spared of all severe weather. The line of thunderstorms managed to pass through the area with out a single warning issued in our area.

North West of the Quad Cities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa there was a report of thunderstorm damage. After survey analysis this morning from the NWS that report is now listed as a brief EF-0 tornado.

Located Southwest of downtown Cedar Rapids an EF-0 tornado was on the ground for a very short time period spanning a distance of about 6 football fields. It managed to cause damage to several manufactured homes according to the National Weather Service damage survey.
“One home sustained significant roof damage, with additional siding damage to nearby homes. One person sustained minor injuries from glass after their bedroom window blew in.”

The tornado occurred between 8:36 pm and 8:37 pm.

Radar loop courtesy of Iowa Environmental Mesonet

A warning was not issued at the time of the damage report due to a lack of reports and signatures from the radar. On top of that, the very short duration and small distance of the tornado are also likely factors with the missed warning. Meteorology isn’t an exact science and trying to find something that small over a broad range of about 50,000 square miles can be quite difficult with no additional reports.

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