Finding things to do during this pandemic can be difficult. For many, it’s leading to a return to the great outdoors.

For people in Northwest Illinois, one of those destinations is the Mississippi Palisades State Park. It’s a 2,500-acre park, rich in both history and amazing views.

“We have a lot of hiking. A lot of trails. 10 different trails, but they’re a range of anywhere from .5 miles, to 2 miles,” says Bobby Jones, Mississippi Palisades Site Tech. “We have some beautiful overlooks. Nice camping. We have over 200 campsites. But, hiking is our main thing.”

The park was designated as a national landmark in 1973, but it may not be one you’ve been to, nestled between Savanna and Hanover in Northwestern Illinois. Jones says this area of the state is one that people should visit if they haven’t already.

“You get a lot of people from all over Northern Illinois and Wisconsin,” says Jones. “People from the cities trying to get away from the hustle and bustle.”

From hiking to camping, there is a lot to like at Mississippi Palisades State Park. One of the attractions that people enjoy the most are the outlooks, offering fantastic views of the riverfront.

“Just for the experience of being in Northwestern Illinois. It’s a beautiful area,” says Jones. “It just seems like people here are friendly. Our campers all seem to get along. Just a pleasant place to spend a few days.”

Park employees say the campgrounds have been full recently. You can find the Mississippi Palisades State Park off of Illinois-84 in Savanna.