With everything going on in today’s world, some pepole might find themselves on the hunt for an escape.

One option for that sits right off downtown Rock Island in one of the most historic neighborhoods in the country.

“We’re old fashioned here,” said host David Parker. “We cherish old times, old manners, and old friends.”

A taste of yesterday, tucked inside a historic neighborhood.

It’s yesterday once more.

Yesterday… In the form of The Victorian Inn Bed and Breakfast.

It’s a house that has stood on the corner of 7th Avenue and 20th Street in Rock Island since the 19th century.

A lot of history packed in a house that’s nearly 150 years old. Just ask Parker. The home has been in his family for about half of its existence.

“When the folks passed away, we started cleaning it up and thought, ‘The more we clean, the less we want to sell,'” Parker said. “So we sold our other house and moved here.”

Inside the house, 20 rooms, nine bathrooms and seven fireplaces packed into 3,000 square feet on each of the home’s three floors.

While it’s open to anybody, Parker says people who come here will probably want to have a deep appreciation for old school living.

“If they want something new, don’t come here. It’s not that. We don’t have an elevator. When you went up to the third floor, you found that out.”

While you may not find much new there, the Parkers say the expereince you have at The Victorian Inn will be just as valuable.

“They may come as new friends, but they leave as old friends,” Parker said. “They experience yesterday. Just to experience the older, more leisurely, less hectic time of life.”

The Parkers just celebrated a 65th wedding anniversary and their 32nd anniversary of running the B&B.

They say they still love meeting new friends after all this time.

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