Hurricane Iota: Record-setting storm in a record-setting season


Courtesy NASA Earth Observatory, Hurricane Iota, November 16, 2020.

While you were asleep Monday night, the Central American country of Nicaragua was pounded by Category 4 Hurricane Iota…its second Category 4 storm in two weeks.

Earlier on Monday, Iota became the Atlantic’s strongest hurricane of 2020, reaching Category 5 status, & generating winds of 160 mph.

Latest in History

Category 5 storms are rare enough. They’re almost unheard of this far into the year. Iota is the latest in recorded history, peaking in strength on November 16th.

There is only one other November Category 5 hurricane on record, a 1932 storm that peaked November 6th and eventually struck Cuba.

Most Storms in History

Hurricane Iota is also 2020’s 30th named storm in the Atlantic.

Before this year, 2005 held the record for most named storms at 28, the first time the Greek alphabet had to be used.

The official Atlantic hurricane season runs through November 30th.

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