ISS and Starlink Flyover


Tonight, and the past few nights there have been a few flyovers of the ISS and SpaceX’s newest Starlink Satellite Train. If the clouds can clear out tonight both the Starlink Train and the ISS with the SpaceX Dragon Capsule trailing behind it, might be visible again.

Firstly, the ISS will be flying over from 5:29 PM to 5:36 PM. It will appear from the North West and move off to the East. SpaceX launched the Falcon rocket at 10:17 this morning, carrying the a cargo version of the Dragon capsule. So if you do manage to see the ISS look just behind it, you might see the capsule (a smaller dot) chasing it!

If you stay out for a few more minutes SpaceX’s Starlink Train 15 will be flying over as well. It will be making a pass around 5:44 PM to 5:50 PM, starting off to the West South Western Horizon and moving to the North North East!

Hopefully the clouds can clear out for a bit for these viewings, but model guidance suggests tonight will not be the best night for viewing.

But if you do manage to see them this is what you’ll be looking for!

Other things to note in our night sky is the visibility of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus!
Jupiter and Saturn will be visible close together in the night skies setting around 7:30PM to the South West. Otherwise Mars will be visible until around 2:30AM to the South and Venus will be visible in the mornings starting at 5:00AM to the South East!

These are a few photos I took of Jupiter and Saturn a while back!

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