Multiple tornadoes and other severe weather sent residents of the Quad-City area scrambling to their basements Friday afternoon and evening as storm systems followed a destructive path.

Kimberly Cathelyn caught this video of the Geneseo tornado on her Ring home surveillance video:

At 6:28 p.m., Geneseo Police spotted a tornado on the ground just west of town, according to a news release from Geneseo Police. It was traveling in an easterly direction toward Geneseo.

Officers saw the tornado raise off the ground at 6:30 p.m.

During these two minutes on the ground on the west side of Geneseo, several structures were damaged, but no injuries were reported. Officers went door-to-door speaking with residents to ensure their safety. Debris from the buildings has been documented as far east as Center and Main Streets, and residents are asked to stay clear of this area until it is determined to be secure.

Residents in Davenport reported high winds, pummeling rain and hail.

Hail near the Village of East Davenport on Friday afternoon (photo by Tristan Tapscott)

Clinton County reported late Friday that there was significant property damage but only minor injuries to residents during the storms. In Charlotte, garages were blown in, a roof was taken off a home just north of Charlotte, and there was other structure damage, Clinton County Sheriff Bill Greenwalt said at a Friday night news conference.

Mallory Shaw captured this video of a funnel cloud near DeWitt at 5:54 p.m. west of town near Highway 61: