Northern Lights could be visible around the Quad Cities this weekend

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Saturday update Tonight’s the night!  Parts of the Midwest are likely to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights tonight and it could happen around the Quad Cities.  Chances are slim, and increasing clouds Saturday evening certainly won’t help things.  For your best chance, make sure you get away from city lights and have a clear view of the Northern horizon.  Let us know if you see anything, and we’ll spread the word!

Thursday night update Everything is on track for our slim chance of seeing the Northern Lights this weekend.  The chance begins Friday night and peaks Saturday night.  But, clouds will be rolling in Saturday night ahead of Sunday’s rain.  Skies should cloud up Saturday by midnight so hopefully we can see something before then!  The Space Weather Prediction Center currently has a G2 (Moderate) Watch in Effect for Saturday.  To read more about the scale click here.

Previous Post Have you ever seen the aurora borealis?  There’s a chance we could witness mother nature’s dazzling display this weekend around the Quad Cities!  

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center is tracking a geomagnetic storm that is heading toward Earth.

It’s set to arrive this weekend and the Northern Lights are possible as far South as Iowa and Illinois.  

The flare happened early Wednesday and will reach our atmosphere this weekend.  Saturday night will be worth checking things out.

The best chance will be North of the Quad Cities.  And it’s always better to be as far away from city lights as you can be.  

Disclaimer anytime I type up a story like this I always like to remind people this still translates to a small chance of seeing the lights.  But, if you’ve ever witnessed the display before, you know any chance is worth checking out!  

If you happen to see anything, let me know!  And I’ll be posting updates here this weekend!

Space Weather Prediction Center

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