Northern Lights could be visible from Quad Cities tonight

Northern Lights a possibility tonight

QUAD CITIES - Always wanted to see the Northern Lights?  Believe it or not, it might be possible from the Quad Cities tonight!  

After a recent solar storm, NOAA has issued a storm watch for what could be a G2 level solar storm.  The highest rating would be G5.

Timing: It's tough to pin down the best time, but overall the best chances are normally after midnight and when city lights are at their dimmest.  If any reports start coming in from around our area I will post an update right away.  Check this FB page for immediate updates.  

While it's never a "good" chance of seeing the aurora from the Quad Cities, this is a much better chance than normal.  

However, that translates to about a 1% chance, so don't get your hopes up too much.  

But, anyone who's seen the Northern Lights will tell you, any chance of seeing the spectacular display is worth noting!

The best chance of viewing will be just outside of the Quad Cities (North side of town) and away from the city lights.  

Give yourself some time for your eyes to adjust and look off to the North.  

Here's a forecast from University of Alaska Fairbanks, there's a chance to see the aurora for everyone North of the green line. 

 Last night beautiful aurora pictures were taken from parts of the upper Midwest and from across the pond in Northern Europe.  Here's a picture from local viewer Brandon Erdman - taken in Michigan on Monday night.  

And we do have crystal clear skies in the forecast tonight, so that should help a little bit!  

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