The average first snow that reaches 1 inch or more in the Quad Cities is December 6th but the first one of the 2018-2019 season could come as soon as tonight. A small disturbance is coming toward the Quad Cities and the question is really no longer IF but when and how much. 

Snow will likely start to fall in Eastern Iowa by 9-10pm Thursday evening and it will be widespread for the entire area by midnight. Snow will be light to moderate at times throughout the night. We will likely see the snow come to an end by 8-10am on Friday morning. After the heaviest of the steady snow stops falling on Friday, we will only see a few scattered flurries during the day. 

The amount of snow expected with this system isn’t a crazy amount. The past two years our first snowfall amounts were more than 7 inches! This year the snow will likely be pretty light as most of us should only see right around an inch. Upwards of 1.5 inches is definitely possible and some places could even see 2 inches but more than that is not very likely at all.

Some models are projecting less than an inch and some models are projecting more than that but really they agree pretty well that around an inch of snow is likely. 

Overall, this isn’t bad and we should be able to deal with this snowfall pretty well but since it is so soon and ahead of when snow normally comes we have to talk about it more than we will later in the season. It is also the first snow so it is important to effectively communicate it so that no one is caught off guard. 
With the first snow, roads could be slicker than normal because they haven’t been treated a lot this season so be careful Friday morning. The other biggest hazard will also be slippery sidewalks as a lot will likely melt because of warm ground temperatures and as it melts it could refreeze as ice so be careful as you’re walking around. 

The snow will also cause temperatures to get pretty cold Friday night as we fall down into the teens for the first time as well! Cold temperatures Saturday and Sunday should mean that a lot of this snow will stick with us for a while as well. 

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Be careful on the roads and stick with us online and on-air for the latest!