Scattered storms to finish out the week


Looking at a mostly dry weekend ahead.

If you haven’t felt it already, there is a fair amount of moisture in the area today. Things leading up to the weekend will continue to get muggier for us.

Coupled with the extra moisture, this will increase chances for storms to develop but, overall rain chances appear to be lowering as the week progresses.

Showers & thunderstorms later tonight will stay scattered through the morning before drying out some by tomorrow afternoon. This will allow for the atmosphere to “charge” a bit if we get some sunshine in the afternoon. Cloud modeling through the day tomorrow is keeping skies decently cloudy. Though it’s likely we will see a few breaks in the cloud cover throughout the day. This will lead to temperatures making a quick jump and will cause a fair amount of instability, leading to the development of isolated thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

That being said, tomorrow’s risk of seeing severe storms is rather low with chances staying at a level 1 of 5 (20% chance of storms becoming severe).

Chances of seeing severe hail (hailstones at one inch or greater) and strong gusty winds (gusts greater than 60 mph) are both relatively low. The risk of tornadoes developing is practically non-existent as the upper atmosphere is unlikely to support storms capable of producing them.

Friday there are chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms through the middle part of the day. But the majority of the storms will stay off to the North West of the area.

Overall rain chances for the weekend appear to be lowering some and looking much drier! Chances for any sort of rain both on Saturday and Sunday are low. Mostly sunny skies with a good amount of humidity could lead to a few pop-up thunderstorms, but that is about all there is for the weekend!

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