On Saturday, the Mississippi River was at minor flood stage in places like Camanche and LeClaire, and nearly at minor flood stage in Davenport and Muscatine.

There was a dramatic difference on West River Drive in Davenport compared to a week ago, with just a small bit of water on Myrtle Street near the Shell station, which remains barricaded and closed. The roads around it are still closed, but at least they are dry now, so it shouldn’t be long before the city opens them back up.

The other side of River Drive, east of downtown Davenport, is dry now, too. River Drive is still closed at Third Street. But you can now use Third and Fourth streets at River Drive, making it easier to get between downtown Davenport and downtown Bettendorf again.

This area was still under water a week ago.     

In Moline, River Drive is still closed near the Celebration Belle dock, but cruises are running. The restaurants below the Waterfront Apartments are open, and we’re a few weeks away from the Channel Cat service opening for the season.

Debris remains throughout the recently flooded areas: There’s a mess at the Moline dock to clean-up, and a lot of large pieces of trees washed down against the dock during the flood.

Local 4 News will continue to monitor receding waters and cleanup.