On and off showers are likely this evening, but more showers are expected to be back again by Thursday night and will continue through Friday and be done by Saturday morning.

By Thursday afternoon, another round of showers is expected to return. This will continue through the remainder of Thursday night and linger into Friday morning.

As temperatures overnight fall to just above freezing it becomes likely we will see some mixed precipitation.

Due to mostly cloudy skies and northwesterly winds highs for Friday will be stuck in the lower 40s. This will allow for mixed precipitation to be possible throughout most of the day Friday.

This large, slow-moving low-pressure system will continue to move east, by Saturday morning most of the precipitation will be out of the area.

With some of the rain/snow possible by Friday, a chance of some snow is possible but with very light totals and soggy conditions, it is not likely it will stick and accumulate. So shoveling will not be an issue for us this week but certainly worth taking extra precautions on the roads while being out and about Friday will be a good idea.