Snow on the way tonight


As temperatures are expected to fall to freezing tonight we will see that transition from rain to snow, if not snow entirely. Model outputs have continuously shown a wet transition to snow, where as current radar is showing just snow.

The best bet as to how tonight will play out is, we will see some light rain develop later this evening, as we will be a bit too warm to support frozen precipitation right away, but the rain will not last for long.

We will be seeing a light dusting of snow tonight and into the morning tomorrow. Most of us will see no more than half an inch of snow but two small bands have looked possible. One stretching along the Highway 20 corridor and another stretching along I-80 in Central Iowa to Northwestern Illinois. Here it is possible there could be accumulations up to an inch.

As for how much we will see will greatly depend on how far to the North West you live, but what is certain is the snow we will see will likely collect on the grass rather than the roads but it is very likely this will cause some driving hazards overnight and into the morning tomorrow.

You can find road way information at Illinois DOT and Iowa DOT.

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