Summer Strikes Back


At the beginning of the month and the past few days, we’ve been fortunate to have had cooler weather here in the QC. A welcoming change for fall lovers as we crossed into meteorological fall on September 1st.

Ok, but why is summer “striking” back. Well, we managed to cool down due to our jetstream pushing south moving cooler air into the area. That is expected to push North again as a ridge of warm temperatures to the West pushes into the central part of the US. We like to joke about there being 12 seasons in the Midwest, and that would put us right on the fringe of “False Fall” and “Second Sumer”. Usually, this lasts about a week or so before we cool down and move into “Actual Fall”.

On a serious note, it will be significantly warmer for us as we head into the weekend. High temperatures are expected to return to the 90s again on Saturday.

Despite the added heat, we will be fortunate enough to avoid overly humid conditions. This will help some in making this splash of summer heat a bit more tolerable.

For those of you who really look forward to those fall-like temps, the bad news is that will be on pause for a little bit. Over the next 7 days or so we will continue to see well above normal temperatures. But model trends, as well as upper air trends, are suggesting that we will return to closer to normal temperatures by late next week. Fear not though, fall is here and those cooler temperatures will return. That being said… snowfall forecasts will be back before you know it!

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